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Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that incorporates mind, body and spirit. The controlled, continuous movements may be learned by almost anyone. The health benefits of Tai Chi have been documented for centuries and include a strengthened body, increased flexibility, stress relief, reduced blood pressure and sharpened mental abilities.

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About us

Sifu Charles Leong began the Medicine Hat Tai Chi & Qi-Gong Association in 1992 to bring the enjoyment and benefits of the art to people in the Medicine Hat area. Since then, hundreds of students of all ages and fitness levels have studied with him and added Tai Chi to their healthy lifestyles. Sifu Leong remains our master instructor, but other Tai Chi practitioners with many years of experience now offer their instructional skills to students as well.

Our classes

In our classes, we instruct the oldest and most traditional forms of Tai Chi, which are Chen style and Yang style. A typical semester is 12 weeks, which is generally adequate to learn one of the beginner forms. It is highly recommended that students attend weekly, although they are encouraged to attend more than once per week, if they are able, at no extra cost. Instruction is offered generally year-round, except for July and August. Our classes are conveniently located in the Medicine Hat Cultural Centre at 299 College Drive SE. We are located in the Craft and Photo Studio (C169), which has an beautiful view of a pond and fountain.

Beginners classes are typically Mondays from 7:00 to 8:00 and 8:00 to 9:00. See schedule. We also offer Intermediate classes on Tuesdays, and more advanced training on Wednesday evenings starting at 7:00.

Classes are taught in a very open, friendly and supportive atmosphere. Students are encouraged to develop their skills to their highest level, but no one is pushed beyond where they are comfortable. Special attention is given to learning the underlying principles of Tai Chi through a systematic approach to stance, posture and forms training while also giving insights into the martial arts applications. Our learning environment is focused, respectful, peaceful and welcoming. Loose clothing and athletic shoes are all that students require.

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A typical semester consists of 12 weeks of instruction for a cost of $110.00 CDN. Students may attend up to 3 evenings per week at no extra cost. The Medicine Hat Tai Chi & Qi-Gong Association is a non-profit organization; all instructors are volunteers.

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