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Medicine Hat Cultural Centre
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Medicine Hat, AB


Our Tai Chi classes are one hour, with one short break. Students are first guided through a variety of breathing exercises and stretching movements (Qigong) to help them prepare for the rest of the session. Soft traditional Chinese music accompanies our classes.

Tai Chi is performed in flowing sequences, vaguely similar to a “kata” (in karate) or a “vinyasa” (in yoga). So, we teach these sequences in a logical progression from the beginning. Since no one is capable of grasping all the movements at once, we teach them bit-by-bit, adding more with each weekly session until students have learned the entire form. The movements have colorful names such as “Que Di Long” (dragon rolling downward) and “Bai He Liang Chi” (white crane spreads wings).

As a review near the end of each session, we repeat the sequence that the students have learned up until that point. Students leave our classes feeling like they’ve had a workout, but are invigorated, not exhausted.

Medicine Hat Tai Chi


Practice, gather and learn about the ancient activity of Tai Chi in a welcoming space unlike any other.

The Medicine Hat Tai Chi and Qi-Gong Association is a registered non-profit organization which was started in 1992 by Charles Leong. Since then, hundreds of students of all ages from the Medicine Hat area have been a part of our community, and everyone is welcome.


First, don’t be nervous! You will find that we offer a very open, friendly and supportive atmosphere. You are able to take part in classes regardless of age or experience and will be taught at your own level.

A few suggestions are:

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early, to meet the instructor and give yourself space to settle in peacefully.

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing.

  • Wear socks and athletic shoes. Shoes should be clean and dry.

  • Do not wear excessive jewellery.

  • It is suggested that students with long hair pull their hair back.

  • No mat is required.

  • You may wish to bring a small towel and water bottle.

  • Switch your cell phone to silent mode.

  • Do not have a heavy meal before a session.

  • Remember to breathe and to enjoy yourself.

  • Bring an open heart and mind, because that is what you will find!

Medicine Hat Tai Chi

Medicine Hat Tai Chi
and Qi-Gong Association

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Although the roots of Tai Chi are as a powerful fighting form, it evolved into a practice which emphasizes strength, balance, flexibility and health. Although some styles of Tai Chi include aggressive punches and kicks, they are not directed at another student. Instructors focus on the principles of stance, posture and forms training, while also giving insights into the martial arts applications.
Our students learn authentic Tai Chi styles which are true to history – not modernized with trendy gimmicks. Our learning environment is focused, respectful, peaceful and welcoming. 
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