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Medicine Hat Tai Chi
Medicine Hat Tai Chi

Tel. 403.526.0620

Class location:
Medicine Hat Cultural Centre
301 College Avenue SE
Medicine Hat, AB


What ages of people are able to do Tai Chi?
We encourage all ages, teens and older. We discourage children from joining, since they may find many movements too slow and repetitive, and most children do not have the mental focus necessary to properly perform the postures. We do not offer childrens classes.
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How long does it take to learn?
It depends on the person and the style of Tai Chi. Most people can learn the basics of Yang or Chen (short forms) in one or two 12-week semesters. The advanced forms may require several semesters in order for the student to feel confident with their movements. Improvements are ALWAYS possible. Remember, true Masters of Tai Chi study for decades and say that they are still learning. 
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Will I be kicked and thrown around, like in some other martial arts?
No. Tai Chi was originally developed as a powerful fighting form. Although those elements remain in Tai Chi, it has evolved into a practice which emphasizes strength, balance, flexibility and health. The postures are performed with precision and control, in a specific sequence. Even the more aggressive punches and kicks in some forms are not directed at another individual.

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What’s the difference between Tai Chi and Yoga?
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How much does it cost?
Each semester consists of 12 weeks of instruction for $175.00. Beginners’ classes are once per week,
but students are welcome to attend more often, if they are able, at no extra cost.
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Can I register online?
Yes! You can pre-register or let us know if you'd like to drop by and try it for free. We are unable to accept online payments, however.
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Where are the classes?
In the Medicine Hat Cultural Centre  
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301 College Drive SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta
in the Craft & Photo Studio (CC169).

Do I need special clothing or equipment?
Students should wear loose clothing and athletic shoes with good soles. Some students bring a bottle of water.

I’d like to watch first, before I decide to sign up. Can I do that?
Certainly. We regularly have demos in early September, early January and early Spring in the Cultural Centre. We also do demos on July 1st in Kin Coulee Park as a part of the Canada Day celebration. If you would like to drop by and watch one of our regular classes...
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If I come to a demo, is there pressure to sign up?
No. We are happy to introduce people to Tai Chi, and joining is completely up to you - no pressure, just smiles.

Can I just drop in now and then?
You are free to do so, but we do not have a drop-in rate. Because Tai Chi forms follow a specific sequence, we teach them in blocks of 12 weeks, beginning in September, January and April. Remember, Tai Chi is a mental exercise, too! If you are still learning the forms, just dropping in occasionally will be confusing for you. Therefore, we encourage students to attend as many weekly classes during the 3-month session as possible. However, we know that “life” happens! If you miss classes, our instructors will be supportive and will assist you in catching up.
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I am out of shape and/or not very flexible. Will I be able to handle it?
Students are not pushed beyond their abilities or comfort level. If you are unaccustomed to exercise, Tai Chi is a very healthy, safe way to start. Our learning environment is focused, respectful, and welcoming.
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I have health issues. Is it OK for me to try Tai Chi?
Except in cases of extreme health issues, Tai Chi is generally beneficial to everyone. However, you must be able to stand for a minimum of one hour and you must have reasonable mobility. If you have any concerns, you should contact a medical professional before registering.

Can students earn “belts” in Tai Chi?
No. There is no official gradation system in Tai Chi. However, there are competitions in which practitioners can rank. In some schools, there is a sash system. It is usually three colors: yellow for students, red for instructors, and black, which is worn by the master (Sifu).

I’ve been involved in other martial arts or sports. What can Tai Chi do for me?
Tai Chi can enhance any athletic performance. Tai Chi cultivates balance, calm focus, looseness, power and increased reaction speed.
In our class, we have instructed boxers, ice skaters, cyclists, yogis, swimmers, skiers, hockey players, dancers and other martial artists.
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Isn’t Tai Chi just for older people?
Definitely not! It is true that some forms of Tai Chi provide very safe whole-body exercise that is very suitable to seniors, but Tai Chi offers so much more! Advanced forms provide even younger students with quite a workout, and test the limits of their stamina, strength and flexibility. There is enough variety to challenge people of all ages, and all levels of fitness.

Are classes sometimes held outdoors?
Occasionally, yes.

Do you have starter classes?
Yes! All students begin with either Chen short form or Yang short form. Which you start with is up to you! We encourage you to drop by
and watch and decide which appeals to you the most. Since Chen is a bit more challenging, most students start with Yang.
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Can’t I just learn Tai Chi from a DVD?
The basic movements may be learned from a DVD or a book, but it is a poor way to develop your Tai Chi skills. Like all martial arts, much will be lost or misinterpreted by not being with instructors and other students. Besides, doing Tai Chi in a group is much more fun!

Since this is a non-profit organization, where do our fees go?
Collected fees are used to offset costs such as commuting expenses, classroom rental, promotional items, and supplies such as weapons and clothing.

Is private instruction available?
Generally not. If students would like some additional instruction, the best option is to discuss it with an instructor in class. Arrangements can most likely be made for the student to attend another evening (Tuesday or Wednesday) for some additional help.

What is “Qigong”?
Qigong is an ancient system of Chinese self-healing exercises, breathing techniques and meditations, designed to relax and strengthen the body and mind, and enhance a person’s “Chi” (life energy). It is a component of our sessions, as a warm-up.
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