$155 for each 12-week session*
Unlimited classes.

*You may sign up and begin classes at any time, but your membership expires at the end of the current session. Therefore, most students choose to sign up prior to the start date of a session.
12-week sessions begin in January, April and September. 
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Our dedicated instructors are volunteers. What does that mean for you? It means that you get an inclusive and welcoming studio with high-quality Tai Chi instruction for very reasonable cost. Collected fees are used to offset studio rental, commuting expenses, promotional costs, and supplies such as weapons and clothing for our students.  Our team >

Medicine Hat Tai Chi


Dropping in occasionally is confusing. Since Tai Chi forms follow a specific “choreography”, we teach the sequences in 12-week blocks, beginning three times per year. If you are still learning the sequences, just dropping in occasionally will likely be disorienting for you. Therefore, we encourage students to attend as many weekly classes as possible during their 12-week session. However, we know that “life” happens! If you miss classes, our instructors will always be supportive and will assist you in catching up.

Medicine Hat Tai Chi

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Tel. 403.526.0620

Class location:
Medicine Hat Cultural Centre
301 College Avenue SE
Medicine Hat, AB

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