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Very popular with beginners! Yang is the style of Tai Chi that is typically seen being performed by people in parks and other public spaces. It is low impact and the least stressful to the joints. The form consists mainly of opening and closing movements which are graceful, soft and relaxed. The movements of Yang style are continuous, natural and spread out, giving students the soothing feeling of willow tree branches flowing in a summer breeze. Described below are barehanded forms, meaning no weapons are held.

(Also known as Beijing Short Form)

This shorter version (24 movements) of the traditional Yang style was developed by the Chinese government in 1956, partly to standardize a style for use in official competitions, and also to make Tai Chi and its health benefits more accessible to beginners. It is the most widely practiced Tai Chi style in the world today.

You can learn the basics of the entire Yang Shortened form in one 12 week session, with classes once per week.


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(Traditional form)

Although centuries old, the Yang Traditional form is still not the oldest style of Tai Chi. With 108 movements, it can take over 30 minutes to perform in entirety.

Once you feel comfortable with Yang and Chen shortened forms, you may continue your practice with Yang Traditional form. If you can learn three new movements each week, it will take you about 6 months (two 3-month sessions) to learn to perform the entire form; and many years to learn about the nuances, philosophy and applications of the Yang long form. Don’t let that discourage you! Tai Chi is a lifelong journey that will provide benefits throughout your life.